Monday, November 30, 2009

all new! yeahh..

as what u see. all new! its no longer 'sweet sours apples', but 'CIRCLES'. a lil' bit of it. 'CIRCLES' is the best and simple words to express life;

1. because, a wheel is a circle. life's like a wheel. kejap kat atas. kejap kat bawah. kejap kiri. kejap kanan.

2. because, in friendship, in family, it's also like a circle. there's no ENDs.

3. because, circles mean retro.

haha. the third is not totally serious. hehe. well, for me, its time for a new start. fresh.
more to say, but let time judge it. :))
learned, explored, think.

p/s: template ni kebetulan je terjumpe. hee..



piqaiqapiqa . said...

circle. i like that name :)

syafi said...

piqa: hee. cumel kan nme circle. hehe.

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