Saturday, November 14, 2009


finally, da exam was ended.

finally, my 1st semester in my 1st year, was ended.
finally, all those sillies things we do at P
ERLIS for diz sem, was ended.
finally, all those knowledge we explored at UniMAP, was ended
up at the exam answer sheets.
finally, i left WANG ULU for this certain times.
finally, i am writing back my blog.
finally, the best thing ever, I'M

hee. wut a day. 8 hours of journey. tOo many obstacles. even we're juz sit down n slept all da way. 'tok wan' the driver. k.kOng the co-pilot. freezing in the rain. changed bus, heavy bags. sighh. the most freaky-weird, a sex-pshycotic attacked 1 of us. urgh. scary siOott!

btw, FINALLY, we arrived safely to our own homies..

kupt nk jatuh. aha~

surya. kupt. baggies. aha~

4 tickets. background cun. cet~

sempat :)

xera. kupt. syafi. toilet R&R. aha~

"hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu negeri sendri, baik lagi negeri sendiri"


wannie sassygirl said...

npe ko dh smpai kt umah????
waaaa.... week aku lak blk..
jgn lupe ngn kte nye program mse cuti ye..haha..
ice skating nk??

syafi said...

ak pon xtaw npe tbe2 da smpai uma.
plan btol2 weh,
ak bnyk planning cuti.
ngan exsbpij..exkmph..unimap..
nk skating katne?

wannie sassygirl said...

sunway piramid kn ade..

syafi said...

juz gve me the date.

Anonymous said...

oit,, sempat lg tu even letih gilak angkut beg..
besala p.e.r.e.m.u.a.n

syafi said...

anonym: ehehe. well. stereotype kamu tepat dehh.
p.e.r.e.m.p.u.a.n :)

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