Sunday, November 15, 2009

a gift, a hope :)

about a month ago, perhaps, i was otw back from class. ibu called. she told me, she was at POH KONG. huh? mak aih. hee. then, she said, "ibu and abah got sumthing for u. so, juz study betol2.. ok?"
fuhh. happy, for the sumthing, feel quite heavy for the hope. h
ehe. not bcoz i'm lazy or what. but, though gak wOo course ak nih. haila..

papepon, i'll try my best, smarter n harder. all out. anyway, my 1st final exam, was ended. quite satisfied, but oso afraid fo the result. huu.

neway, terkejut petale ke-8 ak tgk gift trsebut!
a pair of platinum stud earings and, a platinum neck
fuhh. beyond my thought. huu.

thnx ibu, thnx abah.
will hold ur HOPE, tightly in my grasp. in my
luv both of u! muahx




"ibu bapa sanggup berkorban demi anak-anak tercinta"


syafi said...

bukan berniat nk mnunjuk k!

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