Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ice cream lOver :)

currently, im eating my ice cream, alOne.
juz finishng all houseworks.
relaxing, enjoying the icy cOol creamy. hee.
listening to the rain. peaceful.
watching the little hamster curling alone in his 'house'. dat thing, is ALONE toO.
am i alOne?
nope i thing. coz, i hve my famly at my side.
but, y eh?
still feelng lonely?
okayh, enouf.
i admit, missing him damn much.
let calculate, matrix life end on may. and now, its already nov. goin to dec.
almost 6 month. perhaps 7 already.
haila. dunno from where i got this strength to keep patience.
dunno when till we meet again.
juz planting my patience, day by day.
accepting ur changes bit by bit, even its quite hurt.
okayh, enouf.
juz need to spill it out.
currently, my icy creamy is finish.
need more.
enjoy it in the coOl rainy day. crazy? perhaps. hee.
taking away the burden.

"patience have limits too"


wannie sassygirl said...

tula..aku ajak kapel ngn aku xnk..jual mahal lg..

syafi said...

ak xlayak tuk ko..

Anonymous said...

still xnak ngaku kerr ha??
alaa syapie gtau ar..

syafi said...

ammar afi a.k.a kuceng:
ngaku pe nihh?
mimpi je la..

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