Sunday, September 13, 2009

my tears dropped..

i was listening to the music while doing some mathematics exercises, as i played all the songs in the folder, all of sudden, there was a clip video played. I'm so keen to watch it. at the end, my tears dropped out silently...

p/s:miss u both so much abah & ibu, sorry for all my mistakes..

"siapa harus aku dahulukan, ibu atau ayah?"
"ibu mu."
"selepas itu?"
"ibu mu."
"selepas itu?"
"ibu mu."
"selepas itu?"
"ayah mu."


wannie sassygirl said...

slmt hari raye~
mntk maap ye klu ade slh & silap..

syafi said...

slamat ari rye juge..=)
maaf gak eh!

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