Sunday, May 23, 2010

sad Rhapsody?

rhapsody is what? a bliss. an enthusiasm. err, check by urself la. senang. hehe. my main point is, lately, i am nothing but a sad one. to be precised, a sad loner. cause, everytime i'm alone, i'll do nothing except crying. fuhhh. what a fragile one. fuhh. i wish i'm not. but, what to do,i used to be strong, nearly 20 years. i used to be veryy strong for about 1 year and severals month. but perhaps, i'm just to tired of it. fuhh. sound silly talking bout these. urghh. but, i need to write it. or else, i'll die due to heart explosion. haha. (crap).

gambar hiasan jek.

tapi, bila sedih-sedih, nothing else can be the cure except rely on Him. reading the Quran, prayers and dua'. sgt bersyukur atas nikmat Islam.

ehh, syafi selalu gak selak-selak page
oh!tidak. hehe. sbb, from there, hilang kejap sedih-sedih. even kadang-kadang macam pelik-pelik jek. huh?

"sesungguhnya, tak akan diuji seseorang itu jika dia tak mampu"


hara said...

sdeh sal pe lak neh.
btw,,yup.btol2..only HIM tmpt susah sng kte.
chill 4u n maself too.

syafi said...

mcm-mcm trjadi. hehe. terlalu bnyk nk story pon. hehe.
yeahh. trsgt betol. CHILL! :)

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