Saturday, December 19, 2009

dearest sister, tearfull sacrifies..


i'd heard 'bout this book ages ago. dari kawan kepada kawan syafi. aha! he told a lil' bit 'bout it. and he really good at hypnotized me to keep thinking of the novel. aiyakk. tapi apekan daya, masih student sekolah at that time. sistem ekonomi syafi ma
sih terumbang-ambing. ironicly, my parents not too supporting me in reading novels. so, faham-faham jelaa.. kene guna janaan ekonomi sendiri weh!

maka,bermulalah angan-angan suci syafi untuk simpan even a penny to get the novel by my own. yeahh. can still feel the atmosphere. but, aha, kalau dah kuar 'but' tu, maksudnya, mestilah tak menjadi right? huu..pelbagai kekangan ekonomi serta waktu menyebabkan angan-angan suci itu terkubur menjadi angan-angan si Jenin. days passed, bit by bit i'm no longer remember 'bout the novel. sibuk SPM lagi satu hal! hailaa..

then, after nearly 3 years, coincidently, when hang out with my bff early this december, tergerak pulak nak singgah bookstore. in split sec, i'm likely to had a kind of memory bomb, boom! "thats it,MY SISTER'S KEEPER!" with a serious looked, i searched the racks like hell. haha. finally, found it. no 2nd thought. grab it. pay for it. oh yeahh! lihatlah dunia, i'd made it, aku berjaya gali balik angan-angan suciku! afta 3 years...

tak tahu la cetakan keberapa nih. huk.

ok, enough for the craps. i'm still in progress in reading. kekanggan tugas-tugas wajib anak dara di rumah semasa cuti semester. huh. but, it's half already. and, it's really, really tear up my mind to think all those issues rises in the story. it's about a family who has a pair of children, Kate & Jesse. Unfortunately, Kate is diagnosed with APL-acute premyelogenous leukemia. need bone marrow transplant. but, too risk to wait for suitable donor. even Jesse, her brother herself didnt match. then, there come the idea of designer baby from Sara, the mother. using IVF to select the best genes to be geneticly equal to Kate.

ever dare to think? i mean, to design a child in order to save another child? huu.. then, the 1st issue rised. Anna, the designed baby, at her thirteen, sued her parents for medical emancipation. goshh! she feel that she should not give away her kidney to her sister as thier parents wish. and she think she has the right. actually, from my reading so far, i know, Anna is just want a kind of attention from her parents. or,maybe that's only a part of it. perhaps, she felt that her parents play unfair between their children. because Anna was three when she had her 1st surgery to help her sister. And guess what, Sara is quite playing the role of unfair.

for the half book i read, it forces me to think, sometimes, parents dont aware of their unfairness between their children even they think so. sometime, we must accept that there are certain part of child are very sensitive through their heart. bila mereka terasa, tambahan lagi wujud persekitaran yang memaksa, serta kebijaksanaan minda, timbul persaan memberontak. perhaps, that differentiate between children and adults. but, Anna braveness really shock me. whoaah. i'll never have the gut to do what she did.

lots more to share. sebab memang banyak sangat isu yang menarik & buat syafi terfikir. but, let me finish the other half. hehe. of course, there will be part 2.

quotes from the novel:

"when i was a little, the great mystery to me wasn't how babies are made, but why?"....Anna

notakaki: Jodi Picoult is good ya noe. *grin*


piqaiqapiqa . said...

alamak macam best jekkk. nak bace gak !!waa mahal tak buku ni ? haha ni ekonomi terumbang ambing ni haha

syafi said...

haha. besh cher!
carik kat popular. RM32.90.
curik mmber kad kwn2 ko, dpt RM 28.

piqaiqapiqa . said...

hahahahah ni yg nak kene kwn dgn spe2 yg ade kad mph or popular ni haha

syafi said...

itulah resepi kejayaanku..

fndrocka said...

my favourite is sidney sheldon.
moga rajin2 lah belajar bila masuk sem baru k

syafi said...

fndrocka - mine too. wait, mcm tajam je mksud ayat last tu. huk3

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